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>Think>Draw>Make> to stop being updated.

June 21st, 2010 by Design Translator

Due to the lack of time, I have seriously neglected this website. It originally started out as a fun little exercise, but updating it just got lost out in the larger scheme of things, or priorities for that matter. As such, I have decided to stop updating this blog. Further design visualizations will be posted at my Design Sojourn Blog, under the Design Process category. This mini site will still run as the social intention of reminding all of us of this simple process (>Think>Draw>Make) remains.

That’s all folks and see you over at Design Sojourn!

Design Process Visualization 5: Michael DiTullo

July 8th, 2008 by Design Translator

Sketch image: 2008 copyrighted Michael DiTullo and released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Click on the Image to see it in its full size glory (800kb)!

I know there have been a lack of updates recently, however I hope it has been worth the wait as I have a very special treat for you! This week’s Design Process Visualization is by non other than Michael DiTullo, The Design Director at Converse Basketball by day and Core 77 Sketch Guru by night.

He shares some of his thoughts about his design process:

I tried to capture a bit of the non linear nature to the way I work. I tend to be very intuitive and I double back a lot. Every step is an opportunity to design a bit more, refine, take away, pair things down to simpler ideas. So I tend to go back a bunch and hop around. I tried to capture the confusion. I also tend to need time to take a break from projects so the ideas can percolate up.

This is a fantastic visualization and really contrary to what everyone tries to do. That is making design or product development processes simple and linear, when in reality it is not. To me there is a dis-connect between the books and what goes on in the mind of a designer. Michael’s left (textbook process) and right column (reality) illustrates this perfectly.

If you like to see more of Michael’s work and his exceptional portfolio check out his personal website.

I like to extend a big Thank You to Michael for sharing his Design Process here, and that it was a great pleasure working with him. If you are interested in sharing your own Design Process as a visualization, do not hesitate to contact me at dt [at] designsojourn.com.

Design Process Visualization 4: David Armano

May 6th, 2008 by Design Translator

Sorry for the slight delay and skipping last week. I was just so bogged down with work! Anyways this we have a special one for you. This week’s Visualization comes from none other than David Armano from the very influential Logic + Emotion. (Click for a bigger image)

David is VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass, and even though his chart is focused in creation or designing experiences, the Think > Draw > Make ethos is still there.

The “Experience Map” (download PDF) is one of the first visuals that I uploaded onto Logic + Emotion. It’s a high-level attempt to document an approach to designing an interactive experience within an agency setting.

The approach is founded off of five core steps:

Customer, Brand & Business Insights
The experience strategy
Immerse interdisciplinary teams
The concept
The experience

Do also check out the original post that has a podcast of him talking about it. Thanks for sharing David!

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