A Design Process Visualization Blog.


Less We Forget…

Frustrated at seeing designers:

  • draw & make but don’t think
  • think & draw but don’t make
  • think & make but don’t draw

This website is meant to be a living reminder for everyone of this basic design ethos.

As this is a community based project, designers are more than welcomed to talk, debate, and link back to this site. You can also leave your comments on the latest visualization chart here:

One of the big objectives of this site is to encourage Designers to participate by designing their own visualizations (in 550 by 450 pixels) to match their interpretation of what they think the design process should be. If not, perhaps consider submitting a website chicklet design instead, or why not even a new WordPress template! All developed in the spirit this design process. Anything posted here will have full kudos to the creator.

If you are interested in submitting your interpretations, do not hesitate to email your work to:

dt [at] designsojourn.com

This public service announcement for the betterment of the design industry is brought to you by Design Sojourn.