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Design Process Visualization 2

April 14th, 2008 by Design Translator

This weeks Design Process Visualization is brought to us by Laura. She writes:

My visualization is Venn-like, to show the overlapping activity of the process. It also has a visual mnemonic with the letters rendered in a functionally interpretive way: “think” is ephemeral, “draw” is 2-D, and “make” is 3-D.

I didn’t label the “good design”, but make the implication with the central spherical element.

The arcs surrounding the element at the center imply the iterative aspect of designing.

Laura does a fair amount of design visualization work for Symantec Corporation, focusing on design and design methodologies. This 3 part paradigm is used liberally though out her work designing information entities and specifying the systems that support them. She dabbles in physical design outside of work as a hobby and looks to branch out more in the future.

It is really nice to see the >Think>Draw>Make> design process is used in a situation other than our traditional design sense. I like to thank Laura for her interpretation, and do check out some of her design hobbies in her flickr set.

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  1. Laura H. Says:

    Thanks, Brian! 🙂

    An example of how design principals are used in non-physical spaces (in this case, Knowledge Management- my specialty at Symantec)is provided by the Harvard Business School in this excerpt: http://hbswk.hbs.edu/archive/2855.html


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