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Design Process Visualization 4: David Armano

May 6th, 2008 by Design Translator

Sorry for the slight delay and skipping last week. I was just so bogged down with work! Anyways this we have a special one for you. This week’s Visualization comes from none other than David Armano from the very influential Logic + Emotion. (Click for a bigger image)

David is VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass, and even though his chart is focused in creation or designing experiences, the Think > Draw > Make ethos is still there.

The “Experience Map” (download PDF) is one of the first visuals that I uploaded onto Logic + Emotion. It’s a high-level attempt to document an approach to designing an interactive experience within an agency setting.

The approach is founded off of five core steps:

Customer, Brand & Business Insights
The experience strategy
Immerse interdisciplinary teams
The concept
The experience

Do also check out the original post that has a podcast of him talking about it. Thanks for sharing David!

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  1. Mario Vellandi Says:

    Awesome contribution David, and much welcome insight into the process of designing digital interactive experiences.

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